About Fort Wayne Magician James Mitchell

I started out as a hobbyist in the early 1990’s and after a couple of years put magic aside to focus on academics, then I got married, had kids, and started a career. While cleaning out the attic I unpacked my old magic equipment and performed an effect for one of my daughters. Her reaction to seeing the trick struck home with me. She had a birthday party coming up in a couple of months, so I decided to perform for her friends. They also had great reactions and loved it. From that moment on, I was hooked and started learning more and more, eventually joining several magic clubs and began performing shows and started my company.

What began then as a hobby has flourished into to me performing professionally for audiences of all ages. I am passionate about entertaining and amazing my audiences.

James Mitchell, Modern Magician

James Mitchell, Modern Magician


As a close-up magician who has been performing for over 10 years I have the experience to make your event a success. Here are just a few of my accomplishments:

  • Performed hundreds of shows
  • 2-time Fort Wayne Magician of the Year
  • 3-term Fort Wayne Magic Club President
  • House Magician at Granite City Food & Brewery since 2015 (come see me perform table-side every Sunday evening from 5-7pm)
  • Received over 25 five-star reviews

Professional Organizations

I am also a member in good standing of the following three professional magic organizations:

  • The International Brotherhood of Magicians
  • The Society of American Magicians
  • The Fellowship of Christian Magicians.
Magic Organizations

One of the nicest people you will meet and so much fun to watch perform!
— Tim Harrigan, The Executive Barbershop